jimmy jammies and the whim whams
jimmy jammies and the whim whams
Friday, October 20, 2006
this bird has flown.

the king is dead. long live the king.

inspect the carcass at http://thebackupplanarchived.blogspot.com/

Sunday, October 08, 2006
so i've been back for about a week now. and the haze is starting to clear.

i've gotten used to the heat and perhaps even a little bit to the crowds.

i get reminded of familiar things such as when you drink from a cold bottle of water there is so much condensation on it that it trickles all over your clothes and feet as you take long cool swig.

familiar things such as the constant cling clanging of the chai dao kuay seller's twin spatulas resonating into my room from downstairs. also the once in a while wafts of aroma from his cooking.

the bulk of the upgrading work in my neighbourhood has been completed. it's nice to be able to not return to a construction site again. the neighbourhood looks changed enough for me to feel like it isn't my home. i haven't really soaked in the new environment but i guess it'll be just like home soon.

the goons in perth got diarrhoea over the weekend due to some suspect nasi briyani consumed at the perth royal show. my mother said, "you tell them 'see lah! you not there only they all get diarrhoea!'". if only i had such powers of protection. i do miss my world in perth but i'm grateful i wasn't there to fight for the toilet with them.

so now starts the job hunt and the quest to be fiscally useful and self-sufficient.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006
i've uploaded some videos of death cab and okkervil river at youtube if anyone's interested. no vids of sigur ros cos i didn't get to record much at all and no broken social scene cos i was standing right next to the speakers and the bass distorted the sound something really horrible.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

okkervil river rocked out more than i expected. real small crowd. prolly like 200 or 300 people. again i could not drink because i drove there and i was alone. i met my pal from school, tim, there though. saw a few other familiar faces from school. what an indie hive the arts faculty at my school is.

Friday, September 08, 2006

this is prolly the last gig that i will go to in perth. it saddens me greatly as i learned recently that the new pornographers, modest mouse and pete yorn among others are coming to perth in the near future. it will be a hard step to take onto the plane home knowing i will miss these gigs. but it does make it a bit easier knowing that when i come back my cousin's stomp gigs will be on.

local music here i come.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

yesterday was my first kind of free day as a graduate. i spent it looking for soil around the neighbourhood to fill my pot and planted some basil seeds. if all goes well, it will be fully grown around the time i leave.

Monday, July 24, 2006
there go the holidays.

well, technically i'm still on holiday since i'm done with uni. but still today is the first day of school.

so, my mother left perth yesterday. i think she had a nice time here. many, many photos but i don't think i'll post them up.

went to the death cab gig while mother was here. chatted with this fella while i was there. well, he came to talk to me cos i was all by my lonesome self. he just wanted to promote his own band in some semi-final of some band competition really. death cab were good. ben gibbard wouldn't keep still though and kept swaying to and fro which resulted in shit photos. well, i wasn't very close anyway.

up down left right A B start.